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Australian Roads - Travelling in Australia

There are many forms of safe and modern transport in Australia, including airlines, public transport, hire a limousine or taxi, take a rail journey, charter a private flight or rent your own car or campervan and drive yourself.

Driving can be the best way to see the amazing scenery Australia has on offer. However, just like the varying scenery, climate and weather around Australia, so do the Roads in Australia vary widely. From the 4-lane smooth highways that run through South East Queensland or the outskirts of Sydney and Melbourne to the dirt roads and flooded ‘goat-tracks’ running through large swaths of the country that may look like they haven’t been updated since the days of horse and cart but in some cases are also the only way to get from town to town.

Along some of the South-East coastline where population density is high and the distance between towns, cities and local attractions is relatively low, hiring a car or Campervan can be extremely rewarding and give you a real sense of freedom to go wherever and visit whatever locations you want, or change your plans on the spur of the moment.

But be careful. The same cannot be said of outback Queensland, Western Australia, the Northern Territory and remote areas of South Australia. In these areas, you can use an entire tank of fuel getting from one town to the next so your trip needs to be extremely well planned and will usually not have the flexibility to deviate from that plan.

Another consideration is the weather conditions and time of year in which you are travelling. During summer in the tropical areas of Northern Australia you need to be aware of the chance of heavy rain, flash flooding and even cyclones. In winter in the southern states you get the chance of snow, frost and sub-zero temperatures on the roads. If you’re going off the beaten track always make sure you have plenty of water on hand. And always remember – drive to the conditions, if they change reduce your speed.

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Basic Road Rules in Australia

All drivers on Australian Roads must have a driver’s license that meets the minimum level for the state they are in. Furthermore, if you are intending on hiring a vehicle and driving in Australia there are a few things you must be aware of before you get behind the wheel.

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