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Victoria Holidays

If you’re looking for a holiday high in Culture, entertainment or sport.  Then your next holiday needs to be in Victoria. With Melbourne considered the sporting and cultural capital of Australia there is so much to see and do. 

General Information About Victoria

The state of Victoria is the southernmost of the mainland states on the east coast of Australia. Victoria has the second highest population of the states in Australia, and over 70% of the population lives in Melbourne, the state capital.

Victoria is well known for its excellent cuisine and wines, and is a food lovers paradise. For a great experience, take a drive in the Milawa region in the King Valley or travel through the Yarra Valley near Melbourne.

The area is also rich in history – gold was discovered in 1851 at Warrandyte and Ballarat, which transformed the area into a commercial and industrial centre.

Travelling in Victoria

Travelling around Victoria by private car is easy as the state has the most developed road network in Australia. Distances between towns are usually not as great as in other states, unless you are travelling in the far north west or the Victorian Alps.

Travelling by train is another option that visitors may like to consider and in areas where train travel is not available, there is usually a good bus or coach service.

Popular regions to visit include:

Time Differences

Victoria is 10 hours ahead of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). During summer Victoria observes ‘daylight savings’, where clocks are put forward an hour to GMT +11..

Victoria Weather

Despite the small size of Victoria, the state has a variable climate. The climate ranges from being hot and semi-arid in the north west to being cool and temperate along the coast.

The centre of the state experiences a cooler, mountain climate as a result of the Great Dividing Range.

Hot winds from nearby deserts cause temperatures in the north to go to 30 °C during summer and 15 °C in winter. The area around the Victorian Alps is the coolest with winter temperatures often being less than 9 °C. However, the cooler climate in the mountains make the area ideal for skiing during the winter time.

Late winter and spring are the period of highest rainfall for the region, which usually experiences drier conditions in the summer and autumn.

Melbourne Average Monthly Weather Statistics

Things to do in Victoria

Victoria has many things to see and do. There are many outdoor and nature activities to take part in as well as a wealth of historical and cultural attractions.

These include:

A trip to the Melbourne Zoo is also a great way to spend the day. You can see native and exotic animals, watch daily presentations about the animals, enjoy an animal photo experience or even have a close encounter with an elephant!

For more information and ideas on what you can see and do in Victoria, please visit our Victoria Activities directory.

Things to see in Victoria

While you’re spending some time in Victoria, you may want to see some of the following: 

Throughout Victoria, travellers will also find forest walks, scenic picnic areas, quaint villages, local markets and more.

For more information and ideas on what you can see and do in Victoria, please visit our Victoria Activities directory.